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A vast collection of Vinyl Records, Music CD’s, Albums, Cassettes, Singles, T-Shirts, Hats, Caps, Memorabilia , Books, Magazines, Merchandise, Sheet Music, Prince Songs, Fanzines, Photographs, Postcards and more for TAFKAP – The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, more properly known simply as Prince or by his birthname of Prince Rogers Nelson together with a plethora of related artists recorded on his own Minneapolis based Paisley Park Record Label together with songs Prince has written for other artists and detailed views of cover versions of Prince records and Prince Releases.
The following Pages deal with releases by Prince, Songs written By Prince for other Artists and
cover Versions of Prince Songs. If you spot any errors or omissions please let us know! All the scans on this website either come from our own collection, or from the Sleevographia site.

If you have an Item that we DON’T then please consider offering it to us for sale or trade.

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    great site – never knew there was so much to collect!

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    lots of great info here thanks very cool site

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