5 biggest Prince music hits ever

Prince is an icon on Billboard’s Hot 100 songs chart. He has recently been awarded with Billboard’s Icon Award due to his impressive array of hits which includes five No. 1s. Here are the five biggest Prince music hits ever.


This is Prince’s 1984 hit the storyline of which involves a rough parental dynamic and an extremely passionate relationship with a new love. This track is different from the other soundtracks of his film ‘Purple Rain’. This song ruled the Hot 100’s top spot for five weeks. This songs still rules as his No. 1 song that ran for the longest time. The song was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America; it shipped two million units in the USA. The song was written for the film the Purple Rain in which Prince was asked by the director of the film to write a song to match the theme of a particular segment of the film which involved intermingle parental problems and a love affair. This song was said to be inspired by his relationship with ‘Vanity 6’ member Susan Moonsie.


This hit song is from 1986’s ‘Parade’. In this song, Prince mentions about what is required to rule his world. He tells that wealth and dirty talks are not important, but availability and maturity are vital. He talks about women not girls in this track. This is a smooth and funk-influenced track. The song was on the top of the Hot 100 list for two weeks.

The song started as a short acoustic demo consisting of a single 12-bar blues verse. The song was given to the funk band Mazarati. Mazarati reworked on the song and showed it to Prince. Prince was so impressed by the final version that he decided to keep the song to himself.


This is a rock song about life released in 1984. He opens the track song with ‘dearly beloved’ and lovely organ chords. Then he blasts into more beautiful guitar riff. This is a song from his album ‘Purple Rain’ and it has been on the number 1 spot for two weeks. This song was the opening track of both the album and the film ‘Purple Rain’. It is one of the favorite songs for all his concert performances.


The song is full of fun and naughty lyrics. It includes lines like “You’ve got the horn so why don’t you blow it?” This is a mid-tempo and sexy song from the 1991’s album ‘Diamonds and Pearls’. It was on the top spot of Hot 100 list for two weeks. Prince revealed that he wrote the song while standing in front of a mirror.


This is a 1989 track which was the main song of the blockbuster film ‘Batman’. The song was a little unconventional and had transitions from rock to funk to hip-hop. There were sound snippets from Batman and the Joker that were heard over the beats. This was a brilliant combination which made the song a number one hit. ‘Batdance’ was actually a last-minute replacement for a dark track titled “Dance with the Devil”, which Prince felt was too dark. The track ‘Dance with the Devil’ is still unreleased.

All these songs were extremely popular and had been on the number one spot of top charts for many days. People still love these songs for their distinct lyrics, music and use of instruments.