3 most successful Prince albums of all times

Prince is one of the greatest solo pop artists in American history. He has an unprecedented skill set. He sings, writes, arranges, dances and performs. He has tatoos on his body, has fantasy and divine devotion. Over the years Prince has managed to attract millions of fans through his music and performance. Not many pop artists have reached to his level of popularity. He has given us dozens of evergreen albums and great soundtracks. When he was at the peak of his career, he was a one-man record industry. Here are the three most successful Prince albums of all times.


This is the best Prince album. No matter where you play it or how many times you play it, you will enjoy it every time. This album is simply timeless. This album is more than a soundtrack. The album contained five hit singles with ‘When Doves Cry’, ‘ Let’s Go Crazy’ and ‘Purple Rain’ securing number one and number two positions. Prince’s favorite song in this album was ‘The Beautiful Ones’.


This album was released at a time when Prince started to slip from the mainstream’s radar. Every song on this album is brilliant. The songs have a lot of varieties in them. ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’ was the most popular song in this album.


It was both an album and a movie and both were released in 1990. The album was hugely popular. Its song ‘Joy In Repetition’ was a big hit. Many of the songs in this album are either re-recorded versions or unreleased tracks, or songs that were meant for other projects initially.
The success of all these albums is simply the result of many years of hard work, and a strong sense of self-confidence. These albums will remain on the hearts of Prince fans forever.

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