Under The Cherry Moon The Movie Video

Purple Rain The Movie 

Country Cat No. Format Info
UK PES 11605 Stereo VHS Pal Flim Released:1986
Package Design 1988
 Running Time 96 Mins Approx
UK PEX 11605 Stereo Beta PAL Flim Released:1986
Package Design 1986
 Running Time 96 Mins Approx
USA 11605 Stereo VHS NTSC
In Card Slip Case
Flim Released:1986
Package Design 1986
 Running Time 96 Mins Approx

Prince - Christopher Tracy
Steven Berkoff - Mr. Sharon
Francesca Annis - Mrs. Wellington
Kristin Scott Thomas - Mary Sharon
Jerome Benton - Tricky
Emmanuelle Sallet - Katy
Alexandra Stewart - Mrs. Sharon
Victor Spinetti - The Jaded Three
Pamela Ludwig - The Girl Friend
Jean Allaz - Sharon Butler
Daniel Bensadoun - Musician
Beatrice Berthet - Party People
Patrick Carocci Christine Christen-Giguet 
John Cooper - Mrs. Wellington’s Butler
 Claude Copola - Univormed Policeman
 Guy Cuevas - Lou
Veronique de Noyel  Amoury des Jardins - Young Boy at Party
Moune de Vivier - The Jaded Three
Lydie Diakhate  Giselle Finazzo - Voluptuous Brunette
 Alexa Fioroni - The Dancer
Karen Geerlings - The Girl Friend
Richard Gow  Marie Jean Julien - Violinist
 Sam Karmann - Police Inspector
Michael Kotzritzki - Doorman
 Maurice Lenorman - Maitre D’
Sylvain Levignac - Eddy
Patrice Malenec - Larry Minders
 Nicolas Monard - Photographer
Patricia Poulain  Monica Quigley - Bombshell Blonde
John Rico - Mary’s Chauffeur
Azouz Saieb - Mary’s Minder
Maurice Simon - Pianist
Nicky South  Barbara Stall  Myriam Tadesse  Rosette Taubert - Sharon Maid
Garance Tosello - Young Girl at Party
Lionel Turchi  Jobby Valente - Champagne Lady

 Production Credit
Prince - Director / Composer (Music Score) / Songwriter
Robert Cavallo - Producer
Steve Fargnoli - Producer
Joe Ruffalo - Producer
Becky Johnston - Screenwriter
Michael Ballhaus - Cinematographer
John L. Nelson - Songwriter
Eva Gardos - Editor
Rebecca Ross - Editor
Richard Sylbert - Production Designer
Damien Lanfranchi - Art Director
Ian Whittaker - Set Designer
Marie France - Costume Designer
Robyn Lynch - Makeup
Maurice Zisswiller - Special Effects
Jose Villaverde - Casting
Rachel Griffiths - Script Supervisor


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