Prince Batman Album

Prince –

Country Vinyl CD Cassette


German 925 936-1

With Sticker

UK Pictures Disc

UK WX281

USA 925936-1 2-25978-2

Limited Edition Can with Picture CD & Round Booklet


01. The Future (4:08)
02. Electric Chair (4:13)
03. The Arms Of Orion (5:03)
04. Partyman (3:11)
05. Vicki Waiting (4:47)
06. Trust (4:24)
07. Lemon Crush (4:15)
08. Scandalous (6:15)
09. Batdance (6:13)




Release details

Release Date 20th June 1989
Label : Warner Brothers
Produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince
Except “The Arms Of Orion” composed and performed by Prince with Sheena Easton, and “Scandalous” composed by Prince with John L. Nelson
Executive album producers: Jon Peters and Peter Guber
Executive in charge of album production for Warner Bros. Inc.: Gary LeMel
Music Supervisor: Michael Dilbeck
Recorded and mixed at Paisley Park Studios by Prince and Femi Jiya.
Assisted by: David Friedlander, Heidi Hanschu, Chuck Zwicky and Eddie Miller
“Electric Chair” mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at the Grey Room
Mastered at Masterdisk, New York
Logo Illustration: Anton Furst
Photography of Prince: Jeff Katz
Design: Tom Recchion


Album Credits

All choir, horn and orchestra parts are performed by the Sounds Of Blackness Choir, Eric Leeds and Atlanta Bliss & the Clare Fischer Orchestra. Samples of the parts are re-arranged and performed by Prince.
Special guest presence by Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger on “The Future”, “Vicki Waiting”, “Partyman” & “Batdance”. Sheena Easton on “The Arms Of Orion”. Femi Jiya with Anna Fantastic on “Partyman” and Matthew Larson on “Batdance”. All other instruments and voices are arranged and performed by Prince.
Special appreciation 2 staff and friends at Paisley Park: Albert Magnoli, Alan Leeds,
Harry Grossman, Femi Jiya, David Friedlander, Therese Stoulil, Matthew Larson, Sal Greco

Gilbert Davison, Anna Fantastic and John L. Nelson.
Special mention 2 the filmmakers 4 their attention and support: Mark Canton, Jon Peters, Tim Burton, and 2 Michael Dilbeck, Gary LeMel & Debbie Reinberg 4 their tireless efforts.
Special consideration 2 Skip Brittenham, Gary Stiffelman, Jerry Breslauer and Nancy Chapman

4 their dedication, and 2 the group at Warner Records: Mo Ostin, Lenny Waronker, Benny Medina, Michael Ostin and Russ Thyret 4 their support through the years.
Special thanks 2 Eric Leeds, Atlanta Bliss, the Sounds Of Blackness Choir, the Clare Fischer Orchestra, Mavis Staples, Sheena Easton, Chris Lord-Alge, Danny Elfman, Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger and U.
“Who do U trust if U can’t trust God, who can U trust?‚ĶNobody! Don’t dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. The curious try and always die”

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