Carmen Electra , Kelly Osbourne And Pussycat Dolls Rock The Viper Room

September 1, 2010: Kelly Osbourne looked super sexy as she arrived with newly colored blonde hair, and wearing a burlesque costume with Robin Antin and the Pussycat Dolls as they made their way into the Viper Room to perform. Carmen Electra, also in the show, nearly popped out of her sexy get-up as she arrived. Later Kelly Osbourne was seen leaving with three men, despite claiming “I don’t want a new boyfriend!”

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15 Responses to “Carmen Electra , Kelly Osbourne And Pussycat Dolls Rock The Viper Room”

  1. PANDAxRUIZx21 says:

    is that meg?

  2. nickyms says:

    OMG! i didn’t even recognize her at first. i all ways liked her and thought she was pretty. no even more so. good for her. i hope she doesn’t screw it up!

  3. atube4view says:

    She may be beating her over supply of fat cells for now, but just as soon as she trips up (which will be very soon), they will take over and she will remain fat forever!

  4. ximziie says:

    has nicole left pcd????

  5. SAVEWITCH says:

    no she’s with nicole at the beginning of the vid

  6. lionlam132 says:

    @SAVEWITCH no shes not, thats the founder of the pussycat dolls

  7. SAVEWITCH says:

    i thot she was?

  8. TheAmberlynn91 says:

    is she with dustin dollin?

  9. printzesu says:

    check out my video , some kittens needs our help watch?v=iMtbcu8VzGU

  10. millimunki says:

    @SAVEWITCH no Robin Antin founded the pussycat dolls and she’s with robin at the beginning of the vid

  11. SAVEWITCH says:


  12. SAVEWITCH says:

    where are all the girls!

  13. GENERIC9utube5ID says:

    Fucking vultures… paparazzi people need to fuckin go die somewhere………

  14. timeoutNY23 says:

    what is this about? are the real puss cat dolls to come back?

  15. JayneMMMM says:

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