Mark Coughlan Shirtfront on Campbell Brown

2006 season, Mark Coughlan laid a hip and shoulder on Campbell Brown, but came off second best.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Mark Coughlan Shirtfront on Campbell Brown”

  1. jwalks10 says:

    That would be at least 4 weeks today, but it wasn’t even a free kick 5 years ago…wow

  2. MrOssumAnt says:

    @DigbyCat I thought you only went on Gordon Ramsay videos?

  3. dorky75 says:

    Brown is a legend, take no shit

  4. AIDOZ says:

    @Dilkingtonism Players like Jude Bolton, Dangerfield or Lenny Hayes – who are constantly on the bottom of packs and tackle like machines are fucking tough. Brown is not tough — he’s a big fucking sook. He starts fights over nothing and gets his ass handed to him. Wow, he sure was tough elbowing Ward behind play and sniping Barry Hall!

  5. rxonez1 says:

    hard as fkn nails, but dumb as dog shit! welcome back at the hawks anytime…

  6. Plunkz says:

    typical brown can dish out but cant take it wot a fukwit!

  7. VoneGaming says:

    Campbell Brown is the biggest douchebag in the AFL.

  8. houbenn says:

    @AIDOZ like to see you get up after a hit like that, you cat

  9. BigPapaPump9 says:

    this is the best thing about AFL, if people dont like it go play soccer

  10. asher29886 says:

    i love footy but its a fucking girls game now. cant injure these poor big tough guys who get paid $100,000+ a year to play sport… pathetic

  11. sleek231 says:

    Brown can’t kick, can’t run, can’t handball, can’t defend.

    He has to be like that, otherwise he’d be utterly useless.

  12. tylerbecker1 says:

    Wesley lad <3

  13. OvM88 says:

    Most interesting sport right after hilariously complicated cricket. This sport reflects australias history better than anything else, I think.
    Btw do they ever get suspended or sent off the field if they start a fight oO?

  14. moistie says:

    @OvM88 There is no send off rule in AFL, but you can be suspended for breaking the rules. Unfortunately, whether you do is a lottery as the AFL match review panel is a joke.

  15. Joshifiedable says:

    This is just epic, this proves how much of a unit Cambpell Brown really is, he get’s absolutely hammered, get’s up and shows Coughlan how weak he really is.

  16. stegga13 says:

    Fuck campbell brown love watching him play, one tough player!!! plays the game the way it used to be played!!

  17. chingchunglukalua says:

    lol richmond beating hawthorn

  18. scooterTrent says:

    @chingchunglukalua gota problem with that?

  19. nickosouda says:

    this is the time when richmond were good! :) good memories

  20. ItsSirClan says:

    @Joshifiedable Cambell Brown was being a complete dick, pushing him while he was on the ground hurt…

  21. gj88drumstik says:

    campbell brown wears a skirt

  22. mickeydowel says:

    i don’t know who this commentator is but he should stick to voicing lame childrens cartoons with a voice like that

  23. MrGuitarlick says:

    campbell brown you are an inspirration to me! just shows how tough you are, fuck that weak pussy, he’s the one that dogged you, he’s the one second best haha how does that work. All the best!

  24. AuZZPRIDE says:

    @MrGuitarlick its called going in hard buddy < complete opposite of being a pussy his was prepared to get hurt

  25. MrGuitarlick says:

    @AuZZPRIDE mate going in hard is when you go for the ball, not softing out and going for the player, and then have the sheer audacity to stay down?

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